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Top 5 Reasons to Justify Your Villa Rental in St. Martin

  • by Tom Koh
  • 1 year ago
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Picturesque St. Martin sits in between the Virgin Islands and St Kitts and Nevis. St. Martin is governed by France and the Netherlands, and has 87 square kilometers of beaches, lush palm groves, and attractions.

The island’s white sandy beaches are surrounded by azure blue waters, and the powdery sands gradually give way to hills topped with terracotta roofs.

Travelers consider Saint Martin paradise because of its mesmerizing views and over 300 hotels and villas. The island welcomes tourists year-round and offers the following adventures:

  1. Yachting –

St. Martin allows visitors to cruise along the sea on a sailboat, motor boat, or catamaran for a variety of prices and periods. Take the maritime voyage of your choice any day, any time.

An expert crew will cater to your needs, and many voyages include refreshments or lunch.

  1. Nightlife –

As the sun sets on St.  Martin, the streets come to life. It’s all too easy to get carried away in one of the island’s bars, nightclubs, or pubs. Choose from local hole in the walls, glamorous venues, and everything in between.

A myriad of breweries offer the finest quality of beer in the region. Wineries are equally abundant, and the red wine is a tourist favorite.

  1. Luxurious Villas and Resorts –

No vacation is complete without pampering, and guests can be pampered 24/7 by staying in a luxurious vacation rental. St. Martin is one of the best islands for quality resorts and St. Martin Villas.

Most rentals face the ocean, and many offer double rooms or luxurious suites. A villa’s location and amenities determine its price, so visitors can be as budget-conscious or extravagant as they prefer.

  1. Unique Culture –

Every Caribbean island has its own unique culture, but St. Martin is extra special because the northern half is governed by France and the southern half is governed by the Netherlands. The French side has tons of natural beauty and ocean views, and the Dutch side is better known for its tourism and large ports.

Another key difference between the two halves is that the French side has a more European culture, whereas the Dutch side has a more Caribbean culture. Both offer their own singular restaurants, activities, and beaches, and to top it all the restaurants serve a variety of mouth-watering dishes that you cannot resist, so explore as much of the island as possible!

  1. Scuba Diving –

The island offers more than just boat rides, there are also several spots for snorkeling and diving. St.Martin islands have some of the great beaches which will give you a thrilling experience of snorkeling and swimming. Make your villa or resort experience even better by booking a scuba diving excursion, and spend all day exploring the area’s rich corals and vibrant marine life.

Why delay, books your tickets to St. Martin today! These villas are in demand, so start planning as early as possible to enjoy the one of the Caribbean’s hidden gems.

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