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Factors that make a rental home seem more lucrative as an earning opportunity

  • by Tom Koh
  • 1 year ago
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You must do your own research when it comes to investing in a rental property.  You may even seek further assistance from a real estate agent although hiring an agent might inflict unwanted pressure to buy a property even if it fails to match your expectations. All you need to do is to acquire a vivid and fair picture of the real values of all properties that meet your investment criteria.

5 important factors that you need to check before letting out your property:

  1. Neighborhood: The number of times you experience vacancies each year and the types of tenants that seek an opportunity will depend on your neighborhood quality. For instance, a large influx of students in Sunningdale might just cause more vacancies during vacations. A student is usually on the lookout for rental homes in Sunningdale for a temporary period. So, you must count upon the average rent of your neighborhood as your property could be the only means of supporting your livelihood.
  2. Crime Rate: None of us are willing to reside within a criminal hot spot. You may achieve a more accurate statistics on crime by visiting the public library or by checking out the police records pertaining to your chosen neighborhood. You must check out the records depicting vandalism and petty crimes besides the ones that seem to be of a more serious nature. Renters may decide on a place only after checking the presence of police in that area.
  3. Property Taxes: Property taxes don’t seem to be uniform across your nation. For instance, if you’re a resident of Sunningdale, then you may consider setting a property to let in Sunningdale only after taking the taxes into account. Likewise, a property investor will even check out the taxes pertaining to a certain region before taking the plunge. Again, a few long-term tenants may consider opting for a neighborhood demanding higher taxes if it yields excellent staying conditions. You may achieve the tax information pertaining to a certain neighborhood simply by visiting the assessment office.
  4. Amenities: Lookout for the possibility of theatres, malls and parks coming up within your hand-picked residential area. Renters are bound to get attracted by the nearness of transport hubs, hospitals, clubs and a few other public places. You may even come across promotional messages conveyed through hoardings that share information on public amenities within that neighborhood.
  5. Natural Disturbances: Are you residing with a place that’s prone to natural disasters? While assuming your returns from a rental property, you must take the insurance premium into account. You must identify the degree of risks pertaining to your area and determine your insurance needs accordingly. A portion of your rental income is likely to be eaten away when you’re letting a property out within an area that’s prone to flooding or earthquakes.

The Final Words

Get in touch with a few homeowners and renters within your neighborhood. Renters are likely to present you with a true and fair view of all tenable aspects of that place as they don’t have any investment element to care about. If your eyes are fixed on a particular neighborhood, then you must visit it for more number of days just check in on the activities of your future neighborhood.

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