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Are You Interested to Prepare Yourself for A Retreat?

  • by Tom Koh
  • 1 year ago
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There are many different ways that you can retreat yourself and before going for any such expedition you must prepare your mind well. The purpose of the retreat is usually rejuvenating you physically, mentally and spiritually. Not everything that happens during retreat is same as the situations in your normal day to day life. Therefore, you need to prepare your mind to accept the new environment in order to get effective results during your retreat.

In the following paragraph, we will mention few simple ways that can help you to make one man’s spiritual journey really effective and fruitful.

  1. You must pray

God is omnipresent and he always responds when you pray him with full concentration. You must seek his help and ask for his forgiveness whenever you pray. Also thank him for whatever that you have achieved in your life. While praying to God it will automatically prepare your heart to accept various spiritual messages that you are likely to receive during your retreat process. So, do not hold yourself but submit yourself to the almighty and all-powerful God who will condition your mind to receive various new things that you encounter during your retreat.

  1. Take enough rest

Before going for retreat you need to rest both physically as well as mentally. Take a deep breath before you start taking rest that will help you to unwind. If you slow down yourself by taking rest then your spiritual mind will able to hear messages from God. The resting can also be achieved by playing certain interesting games that you enjoy. Enjoying yourself is very important before going for retreat. All the stress from your mind will evaporate when you engage yourself with any kind of entertaining activities. Even if you laugh and dance, it can provide rest to your mind.

  1. Read some books

Reading books can also help you to prepare for the retreat. Read some book which is of your interest and not related to your daily activities like your business or profession. You may even read bible or any other religious books if that interests you.

  1. Start working ahead

If you are working in any company then finish all your pending work or if you are a student then finish your homework or lessons that are pending. There should not be any stress in your mind before going for retreat.

We hope this article is useful to you in preparing for the retreat.

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