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  • 5 Tips on Choosing Where to Stay in Bali While on Holiday

5 Tips on Choosing Where to Stay in Bali While on Holiday

  • by Tom Koh
  • 1 year ago
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As an Aussie, travelling to Bali, Indonesia, is easy with no need for a visa for short stays lasting up to 30 days. One thing that may be tougher is choosing where to stay. The options range from budget hotels to five-star hotels but many people are settling forĀ luxury villas. Why? These villas are comfortable and private hence perfect for family holidays.

How do you choose where to stay while on holidays in Bali? Here are tips to bear in mind.

  1. Decide on a perfect area to stay at

There are many towns and villages you can stay at in Bali. Determine what your main interests are when choosing the town to stay at. For the beach lovers looking for tranquil place to stay at a good choice is Canggu villas. You will get a serene place to stay at and a one on one chance to enjoy the tradition of the Indonesians.

  1. How many people are you travelling with?

As an Australian tourist you can travel alone, with family, friend or romantic partner. This will determine a suitable accommodation. For instance a sole traveller will be best suited to stay at a hotel that has basic services whereas a family or group travelling together will be much happier staying at family-friendly villas. Small children will find the home-like environment in villas comfortable and easy to adapt to.

  1. Personal Preference

What have you always dreamt to be your accommodation when you eventually make that trip you have been yearning for to Bali? You can make it happen because there are very many options at this great city. If you have the money, choose a luxury visa and you will have the best experience. You get private swimming pools, chefs and many other services. The houses are designed with a touch of Bali and the decorations inspired by the traditions of the tropical country.

  1. Budget

How much are you willing to spend on accommodation? Often, the more expensive an option is, the more comfortable it will be. This is not to mean that budget travellers cannot get a nice place to stay at. They can but the best way to go about choosing the place to stay at is by opting for the best you can afford.

  1. Booking options

Hotels and villas have different options for booking. Some can be booked online whereas others need to be booked at the hotel physically. Choose to stay at a place that has a booking option that is convenient for you. Do you prefer to book in advance or when you land? There are many luxurious villas to choose from. Enjoy your holidays in Bali!

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