5 Reasons whyyou must Visit Montenegro

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Many travel experts, explorers, and bloggers have mentioned some amazing facts about Montenegro. They have advised to visit this place for various reasons. One of the major facts is that Montenegro has become a beloved holiday destination for many. Every year thousands of travelers come to dip in its natural beauty. We have listed down some interesting facts and reasons to make your decision of visiting Montenegro firm.

5reasons why you must visit Montenegro:

  1. Durmitor National Park:

If you have to define nature in real life experience, Durmitor is the right place. The landscapes are captivating and mountains give you a fascinating experience to cherish for life. If you take a route to the mountains, you will be in awe of the views. Do not stick yourself to just the coastline and explore this wonder of nature all by yourself.

  1. Sveti Stefan:

For those interested in photography can’t miss to visit Sveti Stefan. There is no better place than this gorgeous coastal village. Grab yourself a nice glass of beverage and laze around the beach. Leave all your worries behind and share with your friends how peaceful was this time for you.People who hire a car love to halt here at any cost for its nature.

  1. Piva:

Piva is situated on the north of Montenegro. You will also see the border of Herzegovina and Bosnia. Piva is a river that flows through the Limestone Mountains. Its deep canyons and impressivelakesare quite a delight to the eyes. You may camp, dive or simply enjoy the rafting through the river.

  1. Pluzine:

While you drive on the road towards the south of Montenegro,you will find this small town of Pluzine. It is surrounded with amazing water bodies and magnificent landscapes. The place is perfect for a weekend stay or getaway. The town has adventurous bungalows that you hire on rent for a short stay.

  1. Kotor:

The charming beauty of Kotor is famous for its fortified walls and coffee houses. You will be tempted to taste the national as well as international flavors here. Enjoy the panoramic views of Kotor from a cruise boat.You will find innumerable numbers of stray cats for whom the place is a home.

For more information on car rentals to these towns and cities, visit http://auto-travel.me/en/. We wish you a splendid trip to Montenegro and hope you make the most of it.

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