What to Look For in an Estate Agent

  • by Tom Koh
  • 1 year ago
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For many years, the estate agent enjoyed a level of monopolisation, and they tended to see themselves as an industry that was indispensable, and with high charges, they enjoyed healthy profits, yet with the arrival of the Internet, has emerged a new breed of real estate brokers who are far removed from the traditional high street operation we all know. The online estate agent has much to offer both buyer and seller, and with selling in mind, online solutions far outweigh any other, and with fixed fee instruction, you know exactly where you stand, and no longer fear the final bill from the estate agent. If, for any reason, you are thinking of relocating, here are some things you should expect from your online housing broker.

  • High Volume of Website Visitors – Typically, an online estate agent would be affiliated with several major real estate websites, which means literally millions of visitors every month, which maximises your chances of a quick sale. Any homeowner that is looking for an estate agent in Havering, for instance, could locate someone nearby with a simple online search, and once you have made contact, the process can begin.
  • Comprehensive Service – The modern estate agent has you covered every step of the way, from the initial photos and floorplan, to exchange and completion. With so many potential buyers searching through the websites, the viewings would be handled by the agent, and with regular feedback, you would soon know how your property is received, which is important. If you would like a stress free and rapid sale, there is an excellent estate agent in Havering, who has many years of hands-on experience in the industry.
  • Professional Presentation – These people are in the business of selling houses, so they don’t waste their time with smartphone images, rather they team up with a reliable professional property photographer, who takes some dynamic images that show the residence in the best light, and with a floorplan, the potential buyer has all the necessary information to request a viewing.
  • Fixed Fee Instruction – This is essential, as it ensures there are no unpleasant surprises on the horizon, and with several packages, you can sell your home for just over a thousand pounds, which is extremely reasonable when compared to the traditional High Street counterpart, who typically takes a commission on the sale price. It is only be having an effective platform on which to show your property, can the broker ensure success, and with a less than normal price package, the seller can’t go wrong.

Sourcing an online estate agent has never been easier, and if you are like most people, Google will be your best friend and guide you to a reputable online real estate broker who can deliver the goods. Once you have made contact, the process consists of 5 simple steps, which are all handled by the agent, leaving the seller with a stress-free experience.


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