Guide To Find The Best Removals Company

  • by Tom Koh
  • 9 Months ago
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There are plenty of removal companies to choose from and finding the right one to work with can be a bit of a minefield.

I mean, of course, price is always an important factor, but are they going to get the job done properly? Removal companies carry all your valuable possessions and this is not to be taken lightly. There has been the odd case where nightmares have ensued from not doing your homework to select the best company for you.

Here are just a couple of things to look at to ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable company – checks that you should make.

Read your reviews on the company

This is pretty much a given, yet many still neglect this very important step and it can lead to devastation on your moving day – something that nobody wants at such a stressful time.

There are a plethora of different review sites out there including TrustPilot and that offer first hand reviews from individuals that have used companies before and dish their honest opinion.

By just doing a simple Google search (use the companies name) you’ll near enough always find reviews in some corner of the web – and if you don’t find any – perhaps that could also be alarm bells?

How much are you going to pay?

Obviously this is always a strong determining factor when choosing a removals company due to peoples varying budgets, but by this, I am telling you to ask for a final price.

It’s very simple for removal companies to add copious amounts of ‘add-ons’ and if you’re not careful you’ll find the bill mounting. This works both ways though, ensure that you’re honest with the removals company with regards how much you have to move – otherwise you will get a big bill. I have found MoveCorp

to be decidedly brilliant in terms of fair pricing – that would be my personal recommendation.

Get some boxes from them

A lot of removals company will offer boxes and even packing services and this can save an incredible amount of time on moving day so that you can relax a little – it really does help save you time and stress. Ask your prospect removals company if they offer a packing service or if you can simply buy boxes from them directly.

What are they like to speak to on the phone?

Quite an obvious one here, but always go with your gut instinct. If you speak to someone from a removals company and they are rude and abrupt, probably not the best decision to go with. Get a feel for what they’re like to talk to and don’t be afraid to inundate them with questions, after all, you are their client.

Finally, make sure you check insurance

As mentioned previously, these guys are transporting your valuables, your beloved goods, and your life! And as such, there should definitely be insurance involved. Ask the company whether or not they have insurance or whether you need to get your own insurance. This will then give you piece of mind that anything in transit is covered.

Have a good move!

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