Automation Ideas for Airbnb Business

  • by Tom Koh
  • 1 year ago
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Thanks to various  systems and options for automation, managing an Airbnb business isn’t an only manual process anymore. If you are an Airbnb host, you should try to minimize your workload to the maximum possible extent. In this post, we have 4 incredible automation Airbnb tips for managing your Airbnb.

Invest in vacation rental software

Regardless of the number of listings you have, you should consider investing in vacation rental software. There many options of those that are designed exclusively for Airbnb hosts, for example  AirGMS vacation rental software. Besides having a comprehensive platform for your bookings, you can effectively automate many things including auto responses mailed to your guests. You will have numerous templates, which will simplify the communication process, and at the same time, the software will also send auto-notifications, so you will be up to date constantly.

Automate the check-in process

When your guests arrive, you must hand over the keys from the property and explain other relevant aspects. How about investing in a smart lock, which works on a wireless system and is connected to your smartphone? A lot of Airbnb hosts want to ensure privacy of their guests, and hence, they look for ways to minimize interaction at a personal level. It can be an expensive option, and if you are looking for something cheaper, go for a lock box,. You can give the combination of the lock to your guests on arrival, and thereby, save your time and efforts.

Invest in temperature control units

Well, guests often use HVAC systems recklessly, especially when they have the remotes. If you don’t want your guests to access these systems, you can always invest in temperature control units, which can be controlled, managed, and monitored remotely. These automated systems are extremely effective, and you can always check the settings and other aspects on your phone directly. If your guests have some wishes , they can call you up, and you can change the settings as required.

Opt for Sensors

In addition to temperature control units, opt for sensors to automate routine activities at your house or apartment. A motion sensor will turn lights off when not in use. Sensors can also be integrated with automation software. This integration allows you creating rules on how you want home automation devices to respond when a sensor detects an event.

There are so many high-end solutions out there to help you save time and efforts. So why not use the opportunity? Automate and enjoy your hosting!

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